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The safety and comfort of our guests and homeowners has always been our top priority. Of course, this especially applies when it comes to cleaning. Now, more then ever, in these times of corona virus, the utmost care and extra measures are being taken to ensure guests and homeowners can continue to enjoy their stays in Altea without any worries. 

The corona protocol

Our vacation rentals meet the latest hygiene and cleaning guidelines through complete disinfection by trained and fully protected professionals. 

Our cleaning staff always wears protective clothing, masks, gloves, aprons and protective shoe slippers. Of course, clothes and personal protective equipment (ppe) are replaced after every cleaning.

The cleaning of the houses is done according to the guidelines of the government and health organizations, that is to say a safe cleaning followed by a complete disinfection of the house and its interior. With an additional period of up to 24 hours of no physical presence in the house before the arrival of the guests we ensure the chance of  germs has been reduced to a minimum. 

Of course the laundry too is carried out according to the utmost protective guidelines. Bed linen is returned clean and disinfected for safe use by guests or owners. 

With this method, we trust that we have minimized the chance of the corona or other viruses being present. Both for guests and our staff. 

Of course we also offer our cleaning service to owners who do not rent out their home, at the purchase or sale of a home or for business objects.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for a personalized quote.

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